Pay 0% on All Credit Card Transactions

Eliminate your credit card transaction fees while helping your customers lower their transaction costs

Lowering operating costs has never been so easy

Eliminate transaction fees for your institution

Quick access to the answers you need

Patent-pending technology helps your customer’s save on transaction costs.

No long term contract. No termination fee. Zero new equipment cost.

Mobile payments. Online integration. Seamless reporting.

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Government & Education


Roadside Assistance

Auto & Repair Shops


Two different payment solutions based on type of your business


Designed for GOVERNMENT AND EDUCATION. Instead of a flat %, Intelligent Rate automatically calculates the service fee appropriately to the true cost while the consumer is typing in their card information. Lower your customer’s transaction fee while you eliminate yours.


Designed for ALL BUSINESSES. Allows you to keep 100% of the amount of your sale on credit cards. Accept all the Credit Cards you want for 0%. Pay only on debit cards transactions. Zero Cost Credit technology takes the guess work out of surcharging keeping you fully compliant.

For Government & Institutions

Our Solution for Government & Institutions is Free!

  • No monthly fee
  • Pay 0% on all credit cards
  • Pay 0% on debit cards

Pay 0%

On All Credit Card Transactions

Yes, you read that correctly. Stop paying expensive fees and instantly improve profit margins.

Help Your Customers Reduce their Transaction Fees

Different card types cost different transaction fees. For example, cards with extensive rewards cost much more than debit cards. Go beyond flat percentage rate fee. Instead, CardX automatically prices the transaction fee to the actual cost of the card type.

  • Give your customers real-time information about savings
  • Help your customers choose a form of payment with lower costs

In real-time, CardX calculates the cost of the card type the consumer is using.



Apply A Dynamic Fee

Instelligent Rate prices different cards at their different costs.

Instead of charging a flat rate, Intelligent Rate sets the service fee to correspond to the cost of accepting the card a consumer chooses. For example, consumers who choose rewards cards will cover the extra cost associated with those rewards.

Empower Consumers To Save

Consumers with low-cost cards pay a lower fee (as low as 0.75%).

Intelligent Rate provides real-time information about savings options. Consumers can reduce their service fee by choosing a lower-cost form of payment, such as a no-frills credit card or a debit card.

For All Business and Industries

Pay 0% on all Credit Card transactions: Any Merchant,
Any-Time, Any Place

Imagine accepting credit cards for 0%. For many businesses, this savings amounts to thousands of dollars per month.

  • One low monthly fee
  • Pay 0% on all credit cards
  • Only pay for debit cards