MicroSale is affordable for any budget. With flexible options to buy now, use as a subscription, or lease, you will find the solution you’ve been wanting at an affordable rate.

EMV Ready

MicroSale offers two solutions for EMV. Datacap, a software that allows you to process on 10+ platforms, and Pax software.

Sales On The Go

Use MicroSale’s ReportingAnywhere app to see live sales, voids, discounts, and to ensure your employees are clocking in on time.

 Improve effriciency with expertly designed screens that help users fly through orders

 Increase the bottom line with better cash control and advanced security access

 Track employee activity down each button pushed

 Attract more customers during slow hours/days with automatic happy hour pricing

  Experience better customer service with MicroSale's 24/7 Call center







Point of Sale Systems Designed to Meet Your Needs

Industry Proven

carwash - liquor stores - grocery stores - floral shops - delis - convenience

PC America works on every retail area.


Scalable POS Software Built To Grow As Your Business Expands






POS Overview

ShopKeep POS System is the solution that you have been waiting for!

Combining feature rich software with premium hardware, bringing you the ultimate POS, essential for managing any business.


Portable POS

ShopKeep POS gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your business with you, wherever you go!


Rest assured that all of your sales, inventory and reports are backed up for you no matter where you take payments

Virtual Office

A full web-based office backend for creating menus, employee management, hardware set-up, reporting and more.